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Introducing the SatiChef’s Choice Food Vacuum Sealing Machine, your ultimate solution for fresher, longer-lasting food storage. With its powerful motor, user-friendly design, and versatile functionality, this compact vacuum sealer is perfect for preserving a wide range of food items and protecting valuable goods. Save time, and money, and reduce waste while keeping your kitchen organized and efficient.

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Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion

Introducing the SatiChef’s Choice Food Vacuum Sealer, a powerful and efficient kitchen gadget designed to keep your food fresher for longer. This versatile vacuum sealer not only preserves nutrients and flavours but also helps you save time, and money, and reduce waste.

✅ Preserve Food Freshness and Lock in Flavor

The vacuum sealer removes most of the oxygen, reducing oxidation, microbial growth, and mould, which helps extend the longevity of your food. Note: Avoid vacuum-sealing fresh fruits and vegetables, as this can accelerate decay due to respiration and fermentation.

✅ Certified Safety and Overheating Protection

Our vacuum sealer is certified by CE, CB, GS, ETL, RoHS, and REACH, and features 12V low voltage heating wires and NTC overheating protection for a safer user experience.

✅ Quick Seal and Continuous Working

Seal your food within 6-11 seconds, with continuous operation between each vacuum sealing cycle.

✅ Built-in Cutter, LED Indicator, and Powerful Vacuum Pressure

The built-in cutter allows you to create customized vacuum bags, while the LED indicator helps you monitor the machine’s status. The vacuum sealer’s high-quality suction pump provides up to 60kpa suction force. The sealing width is amazing 30cm!

✅ Dry/Moist Mode and Instant Seal Function

Optimized sealing for different foods with the Dry/Moist mode, while the Seal function prevents delicate items from being crushed.

✅ Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking

The 3mm sealing width ensures a secure seal, making the vacuum sealer ideal for sous vide cooking without splitting during boiling.

✅ Fast & Free Shipping and Easy Returns

Enjoy fast order processing within 48 hours and free shipping to over 150 countries. The estimated delivery time is 2-6 weeks, with 80% of orders arriving within 3 weeks. Returns are hassle-free.


Still undecided?

✅ Use the vacuum sealer to protect non-food items, such as antiques, electronics, and jewellery.
✅ Compatible with various accessories, like vacuum containers, canisters, and bottle stoppers.
✅ Lightweight and compact design for easy storage and daily use.


How to Use the Vacuum Sealer?

  1. Open the vacuum sealer.
  2. Place the open end of the bag in the vacuum chamber, leaving 2-3 inches between the food and bag opening.
  3. Close the top and press both sides until the latch locks.
  4. Press the Vac Seal button to vacuum and seal, or the Seal button to only seal the bag.
  5. When the LED light turns off, the process is complete. Open the lid and remove the sealed bag.
  6. After use, leave the lid open to protect the sealing gasket. Do not lock the upper cover for storage.

Starter Kit Includes

  • 1 x Vacuum sealer machine
  • 5 x 15*20cm bags
  • 5 x 20*30cm bags
  • 1 x bottle stopper
  • 1 x vacuum hose
  • 1 x power cord
  • 1 x English user manual

Visit our store to explore sealing foils, bags, and other complementary products. Experience the SatiChef’s Choice Food Vacuum Sealing Machine and transform your food storage today!


Why Choose SatiChef’s Choice Food Vacuum Sealing Machine?

✅ Versatility

Our vacuum sealer is perfect for preserving various types of food, such as meats, fish, dried fruits, and nuts. It’s also ideal for protecting valuable non-food items, keeping your camping and boating supplies dry and organized, and preventing silver tarnish.

✅ Ideal Gift

The SatiChef’s Choice Food Vacuum Sealing Machine makes an excellent gift for family and friends, helping them maintain a fresher, more organized kitchen.

✅ Increase Food Shelf Life

With our vacuum sealer, you can effectively extend your food’s shelf life, ensuring that your meals stay fresh, healthy, and delicious.

✅ Powerful and Quiet Motor

The vacuum sealer operates efficiently using a powerful motor while maintaining low noise levels, making it a pleasant addition to your kitchen.

✅ Easy to Use and Store

The vacuum sealer’s user-friendly design and compact size make it convenient for everyday use and storage in any kitchen.

Experience the benefits

Experience the benefits of vacuum sealing with the SatiChef’s Choice Food Vacuum Sealing Machine. Preserve the freshness, flavour, and nutrients of your food while reducing waste and saving time and money. Elevate your food storage and make your kitchen more efficient by investing in this essential kitchen gadget today!

Don’t forget to read our informative blog post, “Vacuum Sealing Foods: The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Freshness and Flavor” (click here), to learn more about the benefits and techniques of vacuum sealing.

Technical details

The SatiChef’s Choice Food Vacuum Sealing Machine is available with all plug types and voltage configurations to suit your needs. Please make sure to select the correct plug when ordering the device. 

Never attempt to remove the heating wire from the machine.

It is essential to use the foil properly to ensure the vacuum sealer functions optimally and safely.

Need more spare foil?

Go to this product BPA-Free Foil – 2x Rolls Set for Food Vacuum Sealer (10m/32ft.) – click here!

3 reviews for SatiChef’s Choice – Food Vacuum Sealing Machine

  1. Emily

    This device is amazing! It really keeps food fresh for longer. Extremely easy to use. It is a convenient addition to my kitchen.

  2. Susan

    Food sealing device work super! Good communication throughout the purchase process. Thanks.

  3. Sophia

    Parcel arrived quickly and seems to work great. Easy to use and powerful vacuum force. I love the colour. It’s a good quality device!

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SatiChef’s Choice – Food Vacuum Sealing Machine
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