DuoVino Premium Bottle Stopper Set (2-pieces)

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The ultimate solution for wine enthusiasts who want to keep their beverages fresh and flavorful. This elegant set includes two high-quality, airtight stoppers, specifically designed for preserving wine and champagne. With their innovative swivel lock design and compatibility with various bottle sizes, these stoppers are the perfect gift and a must-have addition to any bar or kitchen.

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DuoVino Premium Wine and Champagne Bottle Stopper Set (2-pieces)

Don’t miss out on our special promotion for the DuoVino (2-pcs) Premium Wine and Champagne Bottle Stopper Set! For a limited time, when you purchase this elegant 2-piece set, you’ll enjoy a discounted price compared to buying each stopper separately. This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your wine and champagne preservation game while saving money.


Get your DuoVino set now and indulge in the lasting freshness and flavour of your favourite beverages.

Introducing the Airtight Wine and Champagne Bottle Stopper – the ultimate solution to keeping your wine and champagne fresh, flavorful, and enjoyable for days after opening. Say goodbye to stale wines and flat champagnes, and raise a toast to impeccable taste with this indispensable accessory.

Efficient Sealing Preservation

Our specially designed stopper optimizes the internal structure to ensure a perfect fit, locking in the gases within the bottle to prevent bubbles from dissipating and preserving the wine’s natural flavours.

Compact and Stylish Design

The unique “small hat” shape and fat arc design of our stopper harmoniously complement the elegant curves of your wine and champagne bottles. Its compact size allows for convenient storage and easy handling.

Swivel Lock Mechanism

Experience a more efficient and user-friendly sealing experience with our rotating design. Simply unlock the stopper by twisting the upper part, insert it snugly into the bottle’s mouth, and twist it back into place to lock in freshness.

Versatile Applications

Our stopper is suitable for standard wine, beer, champagne, and soda bottles, including some larger styles. Use it for various occasions such as weddings, parties, or quiet nights at home. It’s the perfect gift for any wine lover.

High-Quality Materials

We prioritize safety and durability. The internal sealing components of our wine stopper are made from food contact grade silicone, while the robust outer shell is crafted from durable ABS material, ensuring easy cleaning and long-lasting use.


Elevate your wine and champagne experience with the Airtight Wine and Champagne Bottle Stopper. Order yours today and savour the fresh taste and exceptional quality of your favourite beverages for days on end. Cheers to an enhanced drinking experience!


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Our Airtight Bottle Stopper

Prevents wine spoilage
The Airtight Wine and Champagne Bottle Stopper effectively prevents your wine and champagne from going bad, ensuring your favourite beverages remain fresh and enjoyable.

Retains natural flavours
The stopper’s airtight seal locks in the natural flavours, aromas, and carbonation of your wines and champagnes, enhancing your overall drinking experience.

Saves money
By preserving the quality and freshness of your wine and champagne, the stopper helps you avoid wasting money on unfinished, stale bottles that would otherwise be discarded.

Reduces waste
The stopper contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle by minimizing the amount of wine and champagne that goes to waste due to spoilage.

Easy to use
The intuitive swivel lock design ensures a hassle-free sealing and unsealing process, making it simple for anyone to use.

Compact and space-saving
The stopper’s small size and slim design allow for easy storage and prevent clutter in your kitchen or bar area.

Versatile compatibility
The Airtight Wine and Champagne Bottle Stopper is suitable for various types of bottles, including wine, beer, champagne, and soda, making it a versatile addition to your collection of bar tools.

Enhances presentation
The stylish design of the stopper adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your wine and champagne bottles, impressing your guests and elevating your entertaining experience.

Ideal gift option
The stopper’s practicality, elegance, and durability make it a perfect gift for wine enthusiasts, newlyweds, or anyone who appreciates a good bottle of wine or champagne.

High-quality materials
The stopper is made from food contact grade silicone and durable ABS material, ensuring safety, easy cleaning, and long-lasting use, providing you with peace of mind and a reliable solution for preserving your favourite beverages.

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1 review for DuoVino Premium Bottle Stopper Set (2-pieces)

  1. Jacob

    The wine corks just arrived! It seems to function fine, but its effectiveness in preserving the taste and quality of the wine remains to be seen. Simple design and ease of use. A convenient for sealing wine bottles this way. Fast delivery. So far so good 🙂

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DuoVino Premium Bottle Stopper Set (2-pieces)
11.99 incl.VAT
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